Integrated Energy Supply Networks

Integrated Energy Supply Networks


Original and highly relevant insight and analysis of the interdependencies and interaction between multi-vector energy systems Energy supply networks are undergoing a radical transformation affecting all energy vectors, from electric power and heating and cooling systems to gas and hydrogen networks. These developments significantly increase the coupling and interactions between the vectors as they increase the efficiency and lower the environmental impact of the energy supply system. This book provides an introduction to the basic characteristics of energy supply systems including demand, generation, storage, and design and operation current practice of the interconnecting networks. The analysis methods described include not only calculation approaches for each individual energy vector but also integrated analysis and optimisation. The applications of integrated multi-vector energy supply networks are introduced at different levels: from building to community level and then to national level. Integration of low carbon transport is also discussed.
Key features: * Provides a self-contained, single-source resource to the analysis and realisation of integrated sustainable energy supply networks. * Introduces energy supply networks from basic principles, assuming only basic knowledge of mathematics, physics, fluids and circuits. * Describes the key technologies of integrated multi-vector energy supply networks enabling the reader to engage with the immediate development of the sustainable low carbon energy system and take part in the debate over future energy systems. Integrated Energy Supply Networks is essential reading for undergraduate engineering students studying energy; lecturers; MSc and PhD students in energy related disciplines; energy network researchers; and consultants and research staff working on energy systems.

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Jianzhong Wu, Nick Jenkins, Geoffrey Hammond
Hardback | 318 pages
170 x 244mm
Publication date
31 Jul 2020
John Wiley & Sons Inc
Publication City/Country
New York, United States